Adult and Juvenile Corrections

The AliveLock® System has proprietary software created for the at-risk corrections environment. Today’s jails and prisons embrace technology to help keep their inmates safe. With half of inmate deaths occurring from suicide, correction facilities depend on accurate technology to detect changes in movement, heart rate and oxygen. When significant changes are detected, staff will be immediately notified to respond and assess the inmate.

Inmate self-harm can occur at any time during confinement. Corrections facilities contain a vulnerable population in a risky setting. Reasons for self-harm and suicide attempts can stem from many things such as shame of incarceration, fear of the unknown or other inmates or possibly relationship stressors. 

AliveLock® can detect the following:

  • Seizures & cardiac events
  • Suicide attempts
  • Restraint & seclusion issues
  • Withdrawal complications
  • Unknown medical history
  • Issues stemming from medication verification & delivery 

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